Bamboo blinds made in Vietnam

Bambooblinds are special products of Vietnam, which was produced by the village in Bac Ninh, Vietnam, is the most preferable product line with the umbrellas in the balconies, Windows, etc. are used as much for the resort, villas, houses, cafes, etc.

Bamboo blinds are made from natural bamboo in the bamboo forests of 20 years, with greater durability in line for jobs blinds umbrellas. Bamboo blinds as window furniture, screens, umbrellas, bulkheads, etc.


Bamboo blinds in Vietnam is preferable blinds products for the world by its durability, beauty, bargains, many types can meet the large demand for villas, resoft, farms, etc.

At present, yet there are many suppliers big enough to distribute to the world market, we can be đap in large numbers with thousand m2 with many categories such as: small bamboo blinds, bamboo blinds, bamboo blinds back to crude, natural bamboo, etc.